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Charritos Mexican Grill caters to people looking for the authentic Mexican food experience. Our menu features classic Mexican dishes in an easygoing, cantina-style setting with bright decor.


My #1 go to spot for authentic Mexican food, this place is amazing & so delicious. They have the best shrimp tacos, nachos & stuffed peppers. The mango they put in their tacos and stuffed peppers is the perfect sweet with the spice. My favorite by far!


Try the a Alambre Chorrito. It was amazing. We sat outside with guacamole, 2 margaritas, some tacos and this fish and really enjoyed ourselves. Just came back from Mexico and would say this place has very authentic Mexican food.

Ryan F.

This is a lovally owned, family restaurant and you can tell by the amazing service and delicious menu. Lots of authentic Mexican choices, mixed with more American/Tex-Mex flavors to help ensure everyone leaves satisfied. Sneak in for breakfast to get chorizo and eggs, have tacos for lunch, or even an enchilada for dinner! Did I mention their dessert menu offers some delicious, authentic surprises, like flan?!

Kristina B.

Real authentic Mexican Food. Small restaurant but capable handling 12 person group with fast service. All food was freash and priced reasonable. All drinks had quality liquor and were not watered down. Fried fish and fish tacos is best Mexican dish in Ohio. Atmosphere is clean and up to date., Great for families. Bathroom was clean and updated. Family run with owner always present and takes pride in what he servers

Chris H.

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